Hot Childe in the City

Bill's Story

To give you some perspective on the effect you have on the world around you, I came up with this little side story for Mikala (Tiffani):

Sam was arranging some of the more recent additions to the art studio as he mused to himself, "Some chick had brought in this new work and Bill was so enamored with her that he was making her a partner? What the fuck? I have been working with Bill for years. He never offered to make ME partner. All of a sudden, this new chick shows up and she is the new hotness? I mean, her work was different. I have never seen anyone able to be so precise and careful. All great and good, but being a nice artist is not enough. I have seen plenty of “good” artists come and go. In this industry, talent is only PART of the story. Has she been here for the last few years? Has she helped deal with all of the shit we had to go through? Did she help Bill fend off the loan sharks when they came through? Nope! But why does she get to be partner? Some sweet piece of ass come in here; shake her tits and Bill falls apart? I never would have thought him the type."

“You about done getting that stuff organized? I want this place looking great before Ms. Mikala arrives,” Bill asked from the office.

“Keep your pants on! It will be done whenever she gets here. When IS she getting here anyway?” Sam called back.

“Dude, I don’t know. She never calls, she just shows up late at night. I am supposed to wait until she arrives.”

Sam makes sucking noises, “SOOOOOO WHIPPED!”

“Shut up! You don’t even understand. I am NOT whipped!” Bill responded perhaps somewhat more indignantly than he should.

“Gonna tell your lady to get you a longer leash when I see her! And tell her to keep her damned dogs out of this place. It is an art studio, not a kennel!” Bill guffaws followed by a derisive snort.

“I DARE you to tell her that, you little shit.”

Somewhat taken aback by the mixed, emotional response from Bill, Sam wanders off, grumbling to himself. “I will tell her what the hell I wanna tell her.” Continuing to work in a steely silence, the men did their jobs. By 8 pm, Sam was pretty bored. He started to say, “Is she really coming? Or what?” and the door opens. With a snappy comment on his lips he turns to the door, but instead of Bill’s mystery woman, Rodrigo and a couple of his goons are at the door. “Fuck.”

A year ago, we were in some dire straits. We needed money. Bill took out a loan from some, shady people. Turns out the guy who had our loan sold it to this gang banger bastard, Rodrigo, a low level member of Zoe Pound. We had the money to pay it back, but Rodrigo decided that the old interest rate was too low. He tripled it! We have been trying to pay it off, but he keeps finding new fees and other incidentals to keep it over our heads. We are out of options. We can’t go to the cops, gangs have this town locked down tight. He comes by every now and then to rough us up. He wants permanent owner ship of the building. He already owns the other buildings on the block.

“This place, looks pretty schnazzy, you guys having a party?” Rodrigo said as he and his goons made their way into the room.

Bill comes out of the office holding some papers. “Oh! Uhm, Rodrigo. What are you…er?”

“What you got there, Bill? Donnez moi ca!!” Rodrigo gestures towards Bill. The goons walk over to Bill and wrestle the papers out of his hands, bringing them over to Rodrigo. “What do we have here?” as he looks over the papers. “I see you want to have a partnership! Finally, you came to your senses! I am so glad you decided to partner up with me! But, but….You made a mistake here. You didn’t put my name down as the partner. You have some puta’s name. And who the hell is the chino? Takashashi? You working for Toyota all of a sudden? Where’s MY cut, Bill?”

“Rodrigo, you don’t understand……I…..I….I have to do this. She….he….they….Man, they are some hard people…..I…”

“OH! You respect, ‘hard people’ eh?” Nodding to his goons, one of them picks up some of the artwork and throws it on the ground.

Bill gets REALLY upset about that and runs over to it, “NOOOO!! She is going to be so upset! Don’t ruin it! It is her artwork! Please!”

Sam’s eyes get huge as the scene plays out, “I thought he was whipped, but DAMN! Dude, it isn’t worth this!”

Rodrigo says, “She must have some bomb sweet ass to make you cry like a little girl. Hey, why don’t you send her MY way and I will show her how a REAL hombre treats a lady. In the meantime, we will just take these papers. She can come get them, we will think of it as our first date!” He picks up another piece of Mikala’s artwork and throws it through the glass door. “We will show ourselves out.” Whistling at his friends, Rodrigo gingerly steps over the broken glass and walks out the door.

His goons drop Bill who is mildly weeping, “Please, don’t take it. She will be angry with me, please!” Sam rushes over to help Bill up. By now, Bill is openly sobbing now.

“Dude, chill out. It is NOT that serious. Rodrigo stole the papers. Now we can involve the cops! We got this, now!” But Bill was inconsolable. Sam spent so much time trying to console Bill that he didn’t notice they weren’t alone until he saw the dogs. DAYMN! I figured they were big, but those were some mean looking Pitts. And….creepy. They didn’t sniff around aimlessly like dogs normally do. They came right in and sat down around us. Looking up at someone? She must be here, he thought! Turning quickly, “You can’t bring those mutts in-” and he stopped cold. The woman standing before him was rather pretty, prettier than anyone Sam had ever been with, and he had his fair share in art school. But he wouldn’t dream of hitting on her. There was something…something…off about her. Something feral? The way she looked at him. It wasn’t too different from the way the dogs looked at him; like he was a piece of meat. Made his balls shrivel up into his body just being around her. His smart ass retort dying on his lips as he realized that mouthing off to this woman could be the last thing he ever did. At a loss for words, Sam stuttered “er…uhm….I mean…you…uhm” For the longest time, she didn’t say anything. She just smirked at him.

“You boys need some alone time? I can come back,” she finally managed.

Sam thought to himself, “Did the dogs laugh? What the fuck? Dogs don’t laugh.” But they certainly whined at her joke. Bill was not amused. He pushed Sam off and stood up immediately. Thought better about it then kneeled. Sam couldn’t believe it. “Dude, are you fucking, kneeling?!!?”

“I am so sorry! The papers! Rodrigo took them! I tried to stop him. I couldn’t stop him! I will get them back. I promise!” Bill’s words come out in a long stream. Bill managed to get the entire story out, but it took him a while to calm down. She didn’t seem to be in any particular rush. She didn’t look scared at all. As a matter of fact, she seemed more annoyed by the interruption than anything else. “Rodrigo and his men are pretty hard. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

She guffawed. The most human thing Sam saw her do the entire time she was there. “Just tell me where to find this, ‘Rodrigo.’ I will take care of the rest,” and she smiled. Sam had seen wolves wearing similar expressions in the zoo. Bill filled her in on Rodrigo’s common stomping grounds. Without a word to the dogs, she turned to go and they obediently got up to follow her out.

“Those are the best trained dogs I have ever fucking seen,” Sam said when they were alone.

“I notice you didn’t tell her off, Sam,” Bill put in slyly.

FUCK THAT! She can take those dogs anywhere she damn well pleases. Shit, man, I thought I was going to piss myself!! I feel sorry for Rodrigo…” Bill didn’t say anything, he just shook his head in agreement. “Dude, are you fucking, THAT?!”

Bill just laughed and laughed and laughed. “What do YOU think, genius?”

Sam, “I was just….dude, I was about to be hella impressed. I never understood what ‘Out of your league’ really meant until just now.”

“Ain’t that the truth?!?!” Let’s clean this place up.



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