Hot Childe in the City

Blood Bath

We started off with a rather long discussion over Lana’s visions regarding Guillermo and what/when to tell Cecillia about them. Then, suddenly, Cecillia shows up and announces that she will be joining the Sewer Rats. I think most of us are a bit surprised but, eh, no one really cares that much. The big event of this session is the Blood Bath. We hang out for a bit and discover some new and interesting things. 1. The Homesteaders now have 3 of the Locar’s hounds. This is kind of a big deal, we’re not sure what they had to do to get them yet. 2. Most of the other packs have embraced lots of new childer. Notably, the Sewer Rats have not. The ceremony itself goes without a hitch. Afterward, we learn that despite the Sabbatt’s push north, New York has finally fallen to the Camarilla. This initiates some squabbling between Jesus and Salvador which turns into a duel and the two proceed to determine who has the bigger…shadow tentacles. Jesus wins but during the duel we meet some new players. A new pack called the Phantoms with some interesting new powers. Any by interesting I mean lava is now coming out of the floor. The after party was a great success thanks to the talented Indigo. Lana and Mikala made a little field trip out to Cottondale, took some pictures, found a few interesting things and got the hell out of dodge before drawing any attention. Indigo and Yash had an awesome time with some flaming derby. Next up, what the hell is going on in Cottondale?



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