Hot Childe in the City

Gains and losses

August 17 Game

We got a lot done and found out a lot of fun things. No one died. The game started off with an informal pack meeting. Guillermo confirmed that Lana didn’t really do “it” and the Hurricaines offered their help in the situation. Mikala confirmed that Lana now had two spirits attached to her. Thea (Nos) came by to ask Lana’s opinion on a different matter. They had pictures of symbols related to the Latin Kings killings. These symbols were related to the Society of Leopold which was apparently active during the inquisition and killing off of lots of Cainites. We find out that Pedro and Franco are dead in addition to Alonso.
Then the 4 of us plus Micha and the Anaya go to meet Jethro. He still wants the book but doesn’t seem to concerned about getting it, which we take to be a bluff. He does seem to perk up a bit when we mention the Giovanni. He agrees to take off the spirits for the night so I can get the book and then goes home. Aslyn and Seth hop in the back of his car to follow him home and discover his child is in on the spirit thing too. They send a spirit messenger to their “boss” to remove the spirit from Lana.
The next night, Mikala meets Enoch in the cemetery (which is chuck full of spirits) and offers our help with his drug problem and informs him of the “dark stain” on his pack. Enoch says he will take care of Jethro himself and there is a passionate embrace between them. Aaron is not happy. After discussion, we decide this is probably the home of the necromancer and we should take Aslyn to check it out further. We send Guillermo to meet with Jethro with the fake book and take Alistair with us to the cemetery. Aslyn does her thing, talks to some spirits and confirms our suspicions. She then gets attacked by something pretty nasty and invisible (wraith). We call the Locar to inform the HoS that we found the necromancer, and she shows up with none other than Aslyn’s estranged “father”. He spots our hideout and after a bit of goading, a rousing battle ensues. The result is the Locar is down one grandchilde and Aslyn is down one generation.
The HoS takes care of the necromancer and we take care of the building.
The following evening begins with Lana’s “trial”. Everyone is there for the show. Since her accusers are supposedly in torpor and there is no sign of dilablarie on Lana, she is announced innocent of the crimes. She then awkwardly tries to give an account of events without bringing the HoS or Jethro into the story and is then saved by the Lady Amalthea who confirms the presence of the necromancer and my version of events.
Then things get interesting as the Locar accuses Aslyn of destroying his grandchilde. Aslyn admits to it but claims self defense and it was her right since Idris was not yet recognized. The Locar’s childe agrees with Aslyn and the Locar “releases” her from his service. Aslyn calls the Locar out on his bad behavior and got a tentacle face treatment as a result.
Oh yeah, and we got introduced to a new pack with someone else who recognized “Miranda”.
All in all, a pretty active 3 nights.



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