Hot Childe in the City

Games and Gals

Game Summary For April 2014 (Written by Elaine)

The Dark Angels meet up with their Ductus and are given some standing orders to achieve certain goals. One of those goals happen to be to share vinculum with the Ministry. Sooner after this is accomplished, with group bounding and a fire dance. Aaron proves to be a popular entry with the Ministry after vinculum. Red’s childe, Colleen, was really into Lana. Everyone was generally social, except for Mikala, but that’s normal.

After a little bit of down time, the troupe plans their costumes for the Palla Grande, going along a celestial / angelic theme.

Apparently Indigo was stabbed during one of the shows by a crazy religious zealot. “It hurt very bad.” Blood was everywhere. It caused a small riot at Carnival’s club. Indigo appears to mostly be amused by it. She does proceed to lay low (to the mortal public) afterwards.

Indigo brings home a childe, named Peter. He knows latin. Apparently she went up north to Orlando to head hunt him out of an underground boxing circuit. While she was there she also heard that Carnival had been to visit the vampires there to tell them all “How proud she was of Alastair’s werewolf hunting.” (Indicating that Carnival threw Alastair under the bus, and thus is ultimately responsible for the Gater-necks coming south to head hunt the Dark Angels.)

A little while later, the pack (indeed the whole city) is called to meet at the Orange Bowl on short notice. As everyone gathers, it is apparent that the trio of bishops are currently feuding over a series of fires. Carnival’s club was burned, as well as some of Fishbone’s establishments. They were each in the middle of a fuss when they were interrupted by the Locar, who had absolutely no agenda in discussing a “who burned my joint” quibble between them. Instead the Locar flips the whole event on it’s head by declaring a Wild Hunt on Gyrich.

With the hunt immediately on, it’s quickly determined that Gyrich is no longer in town. He left some books behind. Some people went on the hunt, some didn’t. (Jesus, T.T., Indigo, Peter, and Yash- as well as several Homesteaders, and frankly some others. Everyone wanted a piece.) It finishes with the lower floors of Gyrich’s building catching aflame.

After a little bit more time passes, the pack continues to work on setting up the new club digs that Alastair has requested.

Indigo, being sociable, is visited by some of the young homesteaders, and receives a tip off that they are apparently up to some questionable hunting activities. Later she confirms that indeed that, according to Jeb, the Homesteaders and the Panthers have been eating the thin blooded of the city. (Inviting them out for games into the swamp, and then the young vampires don’t return.)

Macha drops by to find Indigo. She ends up contacting both Lana and Yash with networking requests. (She wants to put together a Rave.) Indigo eventually gets the message. (And arranges a meeting for later.)

The pack meet up with another newer pack in town, The Bone Knights, and enjoy Lana’s first run of her first game, which is sort of like bumpercars. The Dark Angels make a good showing, and are challenged by a second game the next night. After the game Indigo informs her pack about the questionable antics of the Homesteaders. It is generally agreed that they should be curbed from this behavior (in light of the Dark Angels wanting to align with them).

Mikala volunteers to catch up with the Homesteaders to see if some of her old influence can help persuade them out of their new “thin blood” hunting ways. She explains to Enoch that she has heard rumors that Severin is responsible for this. Enoch seems less than concerned about their “games of instinct” sighting that they are merely trying to help with holding off Gehenna. (He didn’t really come across as being sincere about his line.) He also let’s on that really it’s a ploy to get in with powerful friends. Mikala denies that the Dark Angels are not behind the fires at Carnival’s or Fishbone’s establishment. (She failed her social on this, and Enoch excused himself, offput.) Enoch was also curious about how Mikala felt another person named Jared. It would seem that Enoch would like to have some dirt. Their meeting comes off somewhat lukewarm.

The next night, the pack meets up with the Bone Knights again, to play a game of their choosing. They choose a game of Tag, the catch being it’s about ten stories up in the air. They do ok. Indigo gets vomited on. It was gross. They learn after some social time that Christian (their ductus) actually used to be a knight. Luca enjoys using doppelganger effects. Barns enjoys projectile vomiting.

Later Indigo catches up with Macha for the requested meeting, and comes to a business agreement to perform at the Rave- which is also a simultaneous memorial for Albert. Indigo indicates that in return for the good favor, she would like to see her mortal rival Johny Black first ruined and then perhaps have a drug overdose. Macha finds this agreeable. They also agree to meet to discuss more about Albert. Yashida donates a very sizable amount of money to the cause.

The Homesteaders are not so keen on Lana and Mikala any more, and are being sweet talked a few members of the pack Soiree, Silvia and Soiree (the vampire) have clearly provided to the lonely hearted men in the absence of their old flames.

The pack is visited at their haven by The Dollz. They merely wanted to “get to know us better.” After some socialization, it becomes pretty clear that they would like very much to impress the Locar. (Alastair does show up a little after they do, very well timed of him.) A lonely nosferatu, Medusa, is caught spying (hopefully) on the Dollz. (Yash spotted her.) She was excused and ridiculed for her ugliness.



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