Hot Childe in the City

Ghoul Bowl and New Friends

Well, we had a couple of busy nights and met a few new friends. After taking care of wrapping up downtime business, everyone got ready for the big night at the Ghoul Bowl. The Dark Angles went together and Mikala went with Enoch leaving Aaron a little grumpy. We made our way to one side of the stadium around a stage in the middle of a lake. Some bets were made, lots of ghouls were killed, and fun was had for all (well, except maybe the ghouls). After some Cainite vs. Ghoul fighting (which T.T. seemed to win), it was time for the finale…lots of Cainites against the Locar’s sea monster. Several of our acquaintances got in on the action including Enoch and Aaron. However, before long, we heard a scream from the Archbishop’s box and the Ravnos in the stadium started to lose their shit. This began a chain reaction of frenzy and some of us got in on the action while others….did not. Mikala bravely defended herself and her packmates while Yashida also immobilized some of the near by threats. Indigo found us a way out and the fighting continued all the way out. We made it back to the haven with Guillermo (in torpor), Cecilla, Alastair, Lana, Mikala, Aaron, Indigo and Yashida.
The next night we all went to meet up again at the Orange Bowl and found Carnival vying for the position of Archbishop now that Cassandra was…not herself. The discussion ended with a temporary rule by a conclave of Bishops which now included Alastair. We found Ravana and took her home but no Michea. Once we got home and Guillermo woke back up we decided to include our new friends, Indigo and Yashida, into our pack and sealed the deal with a vaulderie. Then, Indigo put on a “vampire only” show which was a great way for everyone to relax after a rough night of heavy losses. Unfortunately, that evening, our ductus seemed to go missing….
Other random things of interest: The old police chief is out due to violence in the Hispanic district and there is a new drug task force.
Carnival is now making Alastair give her a cut of the profits if he wants to sell drugs in her clubs which was not the deal they had before.

An accounting of the lost Cainites from the Ghoul Bowl: Albert (Cassandra’s childe), Fiesta, Alex (Fiesta’s childe), Marie, (Soiree’s childe), Chris, (Sebilla’s childe), Julie (Jacqueline’s childe), Gus, Kevin (Gus’s childe), Chris (Thea’s childe), Kildeen of the Panthers (a nomadic pack in for the game and lover of Watts, also in the Panthers), Hammersmith (of the Ministry pack), Regina of the Hurricanes (lover of Eddie, also in the Canes), Jessie of the Hurricanes, Becca (Jeff’s childe of the bone face fame), Eric (Sam’s childe), and Tom (Enoch’s childe). Also, there was a Grimaldi who was lost, named Zack.



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