Hot Childe in the City

Playing with Tourists

Game Date: April 28th, Sunday

The Dark Angels started this game in Orlando, chasing down their prey after a victorious and glorious battle against the Tremere. All was going well until one them (Michea) suddenly got very sentimental about his pet (and very replaceable) rat. Luckily both retrieving the rat and taking care of other left behind details (the smoothed over face of a ghoul) wasn’t that large of an issue. The group safely retreated for the evening as chaos was left in the wake of their actions.

The next few evenings were spent plotting and executing further devious little scare tactics against the Ventru target. The group was also approached by Nosferatu Jericho (James? Jacob? Jeff? Who?) and managed to finally strike a deal with him for additional assistance. (The Dark Angels now owe him two minor boons. Jericho has a lot of interest in building contacts with the Miami Sabbat as recent turn coat to the Cam.) The Nosferatu in exchange revealed the location of the target.

Lana’s mischievous brain came up with the delightful concept of calling in a bomb threat to delay the Ventru’s planned escape route by train. Mikala made excellent use of her dogs again, to harass and scare the target while he was in hiding. The group then decided it was time to celebrate and relax as they killed off a few nights to wait for the final cherry on top of their beautifully baked cake.

Aslyn called up Jerico and took a night on the town, and ended up playing her first game of Football. She isn’t very good at sports. (And is buying new dice before the next game.) Then the entire family went to Disney World upon which many photos were taken, Mickey ears were worn, and mortals played with not unlike that of cat and mouse. The young Dark Angels grew closer, with emerging leadership and direction coming from Seth.

Over the intermission other strange talents or abilities within the group began to become more acutely known. Aslyn struggled with constant disturbing moans that only she could seemingly hear coming from the decapitated head of the Tremer victim. Mikala also displayed a talent in communicating with at least one spirit.

Eventually the final night in Orlando was spent watching the poor Ventru try to escape, only to have to sit, sweat, and stew in a literal pile of crap. The group was joined again by Jerico, who hooted with glee at his own hand in the ordeal. Then it was fond farewells (or as fond as they get with the undead) and back to Miami.

Upon their return, the fledglings received their tattoo mark of the group. A pair of dark wings and a small halo. They were welcomed back victorious.

Presenting the head to the Grand Locar was also a success, as the group attended a Sabbat elysium on the winter solstice. They participated in a blood feast and ritual fire jumping. (With much success!) Then decided it would be wiser to simply observe the walking on fire that followed. The evening passed along with an abundance of socialization. The group as a whole were accepted into the Sabbat as full members. (There was much rejoicing.)

Mikala once again was approached and mistaken for Miranda by vampires other than her sire Aaron. Apparently she is the mirror image of whoever Miranda is. Lana was also approached with an inquiry to the location of her sire Lucas, who is apparently MIA. (maybe? mm?)

The Grand Locar over the course of the evening also demonstrated his power isn’t to be disrespected, and smoothed over the face of one very stupid vampire with a solid sheet of bone.

The group dispersed after that evening and spent some downtime. (Approximately two weeks.)

Then they attended a Metamorphisis celebration, hosted by the Grand Locar. The theme was aquatics, and much showing off of the discipline of Vesitude was appreciated and enjoyed. The octopus Grigori made an appearance and was appropriately scary.



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