Hot Childe in the City

Puppies and Planning

Game 03/22/2014 (Written by Elaine)

Upon their return to Miami from the northern reaches of Florida (Niceville), our group comes home to the Hurricanes (Jake &Anaya) in a most desperate and disheveled state. Their pack has been attacked in a near total extermination, their safe house having been burned to the ground. Jake and Anaya are awake, but the other three survivors are in torpor due to excessive burn damage.

The Dark Angels shelter the remaining Hurricanes for that day cycle and then Alistair used personal resources to move them all to a new location while the pack discussed what to do with them. It was generally agreed that Anaya, as a Fury, would be an excellent resource to have in the pack, but that Jake and his thin bloods would be a liability that the Dark Angels do not wish to mix with. Indigo put forth the idea of playing it straight with Jake at first, to see if he could be convinced to let go of his wards.

Mikala received an invitation to go and pick up her reward for a job well done. Several pack members proceeded with her to tour the farm and training facilities of Nikolai, Master of the Hounds. Nikolai turns out to be all his reputation demands and more by generally being a disturbing chap. He/She/It is very proud of the estate and gave the group a tour that included Mikala picking out her newest family member. Miss joined the Dark Angel family most readily.

The dog training estate had several disturbing details. The dogs are extremely smart, and are trained in unusual ways to typical dog training. They are taught language and arithmetic in a similar setting to school. There was also a pit filled with worms. The ground/dirt was also fed with tubes containing what would be appear to be still “living” entities. (Whatever they were, they still had auras.) Finally, there was also the sound resembling that of a crying baby in the distance. All was apart of the ambiance of Nikolai’s estate.

After picking up the new puppy, the Dark Angels returned home, only to discover that their haven had been breached again. Intruders made themselves known by holding Sam (link unavailable) hostage. A fight broke out and was quickly resolved with two of the invaders fleeing. Two of them were detained, and one questioned.

The invaders turned out to be a pack known as the Gator Necks. Hailing from Orlando, their target was Alistair. Lana made a phone call to Jacob (no character link available), the Orlando Nosferatu contact that the pack befriended during their Sabbat testing. Jacob revealed that Alistair has been pinned with fighting werewolves in Orlando, and stirring up a whole heaping pile of shit onto the city. The vampires not being exactly thrilled having to deal with leftover shenanigans, Alistair (And the Dark Angels) are on the shitlist for Orlando. At least for the time being.

Sam being thin blooded himself, was instructed to eat and diabolorize both remaining invaders. He did so and enjoyed the experience. He is now cold to the touch and would appear to have boosted his blood potency, as was hoped. The pack theorizes that his blood is thick enough now to not be considered a liability.

The mentioning of “drilling noises” came back up with the group. It is a concern of the pack that they don’t know what the noise was nor how to find any evidence of drilling. Indigo invited Lana,Yashida, Ravenna over to her apartment to look for continued evidence. Mikala and Aaron set out on a trip to track down the two escaped Gator Necks.

Investigation of Indigo’s apartment only turned up one disturbed ghoul, Lawrence (link unavailable), who proved to have a propensity to make tea.

Mikala and Aaron located the hide out that the Gator Necks pack used. They told their pack which then resulted a rather meaningless cleaning out of the apartment the Gator Necks used. The two remaining interlopers were not present. A journal was discovered under a mattress, written by a malkavian who “wasn’t supposed to write journals.” It was given to Lana. It would appear that the two escapees will live to tell the tale.

The next evening Indigo and Yashida went to visit the harbored Hurricanes to both see how they were coping with their losses, but also to deliver the not so great news of not wanting to join the Dark Angles with a cause to protect all thin bloods. Anaya appeared to be loyal to Jake, not willing to leave his side. Jake was unwilling to abandon his wards or the concept that thin bloods need to be championed. Indigo and Yashida left that meeting in agreement the if Anaya was to be harvested, it was going to have to happen because she was tragically isolated. Jake and the thin bloods would need to be culled. Alistair’s suggestion of having an accident would appear to be the only reasonable method. Indigo and Yashida failed to continue to negotiate on the best course of action from there, both of them lost in thought on how to best go about the task without implicating their own pack.

Several of the pack members also made a trip to Carnivale’s club. Lana enjoyed being apart of the flash mob effect that Carnivale is so fond of triggering. Indigo appeared to be vexed by the arrival of a competitor entertainer by the name of Johnny Dark (link unavailable). She took the time to upstage him that same evening with an impromptu performance. Indigo was probably the only one who cared. ;)

Lana continued her scholarly efforts by fetching a blood bonded human stranger to read a very special book that she obtained from Niceville. The human was chained to the floor in the haven, effectively kidnapped. The human was then instructed to read the yellow book. The human grew very attached to reading the book, and when he was instructed to read the book out loud, would refer to the stories in a first person expression. (“I did this. I saw that.” ) Lana continues to experiment with her subject. There was a snafu in the captivity when she discovered that he still had a cellphone on his personage, that he had used to talk to some of his friends and family while bored. She did eventually find this out and confiscate the cell phone.

Lana also received a grumpy visit from Cecilia, who demanded an apology from Lana for treating her “like a child” by choosing to lie about the fate of her sire and love, Guillermo, the former pack ductus. Cecilia berated Lana for her weakness. Likewise she urged Lana to find her strength and maturity by continuing to attend “church” (Path of Cain) with Fishbone. Cecilia did inquire to Mikala about the state of her glowing eyes. (“What happened to your face?”) Mikala rebuffed the inquiry, telling Cecilia that Mikala’s condition was no longer a concern for Cecilia because Cecilia was no longer a Dark Angel.

Indigo went to the Orange Bowl to socialize and see what was kickin’ with the vampire “heartbeat”. She discovered the arrival of two new packs into town. There was a new nosferatu pack called the Bone Knights, who appeared to be very jovial and willing to socialize. She got their contact information and gave it to Lana, the pack priest, so that they could be invited to Lana’s new game. There was also a pack of vampires called “The Dollz”, who were very much resembling their name. They were beautiful, but creepy. The Dollz are in town, apparently, to study “the art of flesh crafting” from the renowned Nikolas and Locarish. Carnivale was socializing with them heavily.

Indigo, on a spur, decided to approach Jesus of the Ministry pack. Remembering his thirst for vampire blood, she bargaining for a favorable exchange. If Jesus was willing to clear out the thin bloods and Jake, then she would reveal their location for his easy picking. This news was received amicably. They did a Lasombra fistbump.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) both Lana and Yashida independently had similar ideas. Yashida went to speak to Fishbone with a very similar deal. Fishbone received this news happily, with a little side stepping from Yashida about “why Alistair would be harboring thin bloods.” Yashida and Fishbone had a little “fistbump” agreement of their own.

Then Lana independently of Yashida also went to talk to Fishbone. Fishbone again received the news most happily. More fistbumping. But unlike Indigo with Jesus, or Yashida with Fishbone, she decided to go ahead and tell Fishbone the address of the Hurricanes- thus setting her plans into motion.

Then hilarity.

Indigo called Yashida, who then revealed that he had done the same thing. Then when they tried to get on the same page, Lana chimes in with “Hey guys! I talked to Fishbone.” It was agreed they should all go for a walk on the beach.

With much sighing and grins, the three discovered that they were not as clever as they had hoped to be, as the plan was a good one, until it was executed three times over. They did some quick mop up and Indigo amused herself by tossing Lana under the romance buss with Jesus. (“Hey Lana, I get you not wanting to do it n’ all,Red is kinda scary and I wouldn’t want to fuck with her either.”) After baiting Lana to clean up the miscommunication mess that Indigo helped to make, Lana called Jesus for a meeting. Somewhere back at the haven, Mikala’s spidey senses tingled.

Lana in effort to not get too deep into trouble with Mikala arranged a drive out to another beach with her in hand as she met with Jesus. (Yashida had the foresight slip a spy bug in Lana’s pocket.) Jesus was ever so pleased to have his time with Lana. He also dominated her to forget that Lana had given up the location to the Hurricane safe house.

Early in the morning, around 6 am, Anaya showed up at the Dark Angle haven all alone and in bloody tears. She was the sole survivor of an additional attack and was convinced, from the “silence and darkness” of the attack that it had to be Sebila, Assassin of the Latin Queens.

Later after all is calmed down, Jesus gave Indigo a call, thanking her for the drink.

Anaya joins the Dark Angels happily, having no one else to turn to, her Fury focused squarely on Sebila and the Latin Queens.

The wrapped up with Yashida learning that apparently Indigo enjoys going to casinos to gamble. Yashida was slightly appalled by what Indigo “considers to be gambling”. They went out on a high roller boat ride.

Likewise, if I have missed a detail your character may have covered in this game, feel free to edit it in.



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