Hot Childe in the City

Surveillance Report: Late October, 2001

Game Summary for 05/31/2014 (Written by Adam)

Surveillance Report:

Late October, 2001

EYES ONLY: Mr. Takahashi

Event #1.

Event Location: Public Cemetery

Participants On Scene: Mr. Takahashi, Alistair, Llana, Peter, Sam, and Olivia

All participants gathered on scene from multiple vehicles to a per-prepared unused grave site. Introductions were made and Olivia (still breathing) was introduced to the group.

Llana, the acting priest of the group, said a few words [Audio transcript available upon request].

Mr. Takahashi then fed from Ms. Olivia until life signs ceased. He then bit his wrist and placed it upon the lips of Ms. Olivia. Signs of life were quickly seen. Once she was standing again she was quickly bludgeoned upon the head by Peter. She was then placed in the grave and buried in loose soil by Mr. Takahashi and, eventually, Sam & Peter.

The group proceeded to wait for approximately 3.5 hrs for Ms. Olivia (no longer breathing regularly) to rise. She was introduced to the group again before the group dispersed.

Event ended. Surveillance terminated.

Event #2:

Location: Rural Wooded Area designated 5.91.817b

Participants on Scene: Mikala, Enoch, and 2 others (Identity unknown)

Due to non-nondescript location surveillance points were limited.

The event seems to be a hunt. The two unknowns were released on location and then proceeded to be hunted by Ms. Mikala and Enoch. The first, and eventually second, trophy went to Ms. Mikala- although the second required much more effort to capture. Some data loss was observed from non-overlap of vantage points.

Ms. Mikala was able to keep pace with victim #2 much more easily than Enoch who was either not capable of enhanced speed or did not employ it.

Ms. Mikala did attempt to converse with victim #2 but such attempts were rebuked in favor of running for her life.

Eventually both Enoch and Ms. Mikala fell upon victim #2 and were viewed to attempt to feed for an extended period of time.

Enoch was seen releasing the body and subsequently encouraging Ms. Mikala do to the same before the body began to quickly decompose.

Enoch was then seen giving Ms. Mikala a hug and being rather excited at the offer not being rebuked as has been their history.

Event Ended. Surveillance Terminated.

Event #3.

Location: Public fund raiser for the Barst-Vemny charity foundation.

Participants on Scene: Mr. Takahashi, Cecelia (previous associate)

Participants arrived on scene together but did not spend much time in immediate proximity. Mr. Takahashi was seen wandering the group but not being overly social, as is common. Ms. Cecellia eventually approached Mr. Takahashi and questioned him as to his motive and offered to introduce him around [Audio transcript available]. The offer was denied.

Specific conversations with Ms. Illyana (Head of Barst-Vemny Foundation) were also observed. General attitude was politely confrontational between the two with Ms. Illyana making comments as to Mr. Takahashi’s unwillingness or inability to make subsequent contributions.

[Recorded Audio from multiple capture points available upon request.]

Event ended. Surveillance terminated.

Event #4.

Location: Palla Grande

Participants on Scene: Entire Pack (Minus Aaron)

Audio capture rare. Environmental disturbance (loud music) prevented adequate function.

Dark Angels entered site in customary fashion- causing quite a stir in their chosen outfits. Multiple packs initiated conversation soon after.

There-after enter the known Fiends of the city, Nickolai & the Locar severely flesh-crafted to inhuman caricatures of mythic creatures (Akidna, and Medusa respectively). Remainder of fiends, including pack member Revana, enter as well.

A show was put forth, led by Fishbone and including Llana (as what is introduced as Lilith). The show focused on what is the presumed History of the group including their need to keep the “Sword of Caine” strong.

At this point Mr. Takahashi and his Childe Olivia are seen having mental strain and the pack gathers in the center of the room.

Lights go out as the “test” is raised and released on the stage. Test includes three monstrosities that seem to be a composite of …

[Some data loss due to initial observers having mental breakdown. Observers restrained for mental scrubbing. Replacement observers recover feeds. Total loss does not exceed 5m37s.]

Upon re-acquisition of feed, the beasts have been put down and a political struggle has ensued. [Audio available- background disturbance had ceased]. A new player has arrived in town- with three pack mates with her. She is introduced as “Fabrizia”- who immediately claims she is the “Arch Bishop” of Miami and dares anyone to challenge her.

Her edicts: All vampires who cannot provide evidence of their effort to “Undermine the Camarilla” are to leave her city within 30 days or their “blood is forfeit”. Four packs are specifically named as having permission to stay (with the above requirement): The Dark Angels, the Latin Kings (Queens), Soiree, and the Sewer Rats.

Alistair and Enoch both have moments where they seem prepared to challenge Fabrizia, but do not act upon it.

Participants leave.

Event ended. Surveillance terminated.

Event #5.

Location: Communal Haven.

Participants: Entire Pack- minus Aaron.

Discussion of possible directions of action. Indigo is grilled as to what she knows of Cassandra- previous Arch Bishop of the city. She is forthcoming with information but does not believe that Cassandra is interested in any play against Fabrizia. Alistair agrees that she would not be convinced to “re-enter the game” out of concern for Miami.

General terms of “what must be done to appease” Fabrizia is discussed.

[Full audio available + abridged version created to remove long empty pauses with no one speaking.]

Participants retire for the day.

Event ended. Surveillance terminated.




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