Hot Childe in the City


Our story picks up on our second night in Tampa. While Indigo and Ravenna are out getting a bite to eat, Yash notices a visitor on the live feed of the warehouse. Yashida, Mikala, Lana, and Al all go to investigate with Lana and Al remaining obfuscated. There we find Saxon, the malkavian priest of the Autumn Soldiers, who are apparently the last remaining pack in the city (see email for full story). He takes us back to his haven where we meet the rest of the pack. Randal is the ductus, he has a childe named Jaye. There is Saxon’s childe Beatrice, Cecile and her childe Felix, Dominic and his childe Parker. We hang out there for a bit, getting to know them. Felix is super impressed with Mikala’s eyes and Randal tries to get Lana to go out around town with him. After Indigo gets a rather random piggyback ride everyone decides to go out. We think the best thing would be to start checking out some of the abandoned havens and start with Arc, the former Archbishop. We find a hallway full of booby traps and get through it mostly intact. Unfortunately, the ghouled alligators were not super impressed with Indigo’s Doc Oc impression. There is lots of splashing and blood and ripping apart of reptile heads but everyone makes it out alright. Eventually we get to the room with the mainframe. Lana gets some books, Yash gets some computer stuff, Mikala frenzies, Indigo gets bored. The next night Indigo wants to check out the Lasombra clan’s haven. After a viniculum between the packs (which Lana has a bad feeling about and tries to get out of) we head out. There isn’t a lot there besides dead ghouls. Indigo gets bored again so we decide go to home to Miami.

Once home, Jesus shows up long enough to pick up some cash we owe him for not causing trouble while we are gone. He informs us that it was Arturo who hired him so Indigo goes about setting up a meeting to try and get a viniculum between our two packs. Arturo meets with Lana and starts talking about a new order or some other such nonsense. He says he sees what the Dark Angels are doing and Lana plays dumb (or was actually clueless, whatever).

Most of the pack goes to deliver our report to Fabrizia and she seems to accept what we’ve said. It looks like we won’t be getting sent back to Tampa anytime soon. Mikala is now free to begin planning her gallery show and hands out invitations to the various packs. There are mixed reactions but it appears everyone will be coming. Now to work on providing refreshments.



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