The Locarish


The Locarish is an ancient Fiend who delights in altering his form at various intervals. He frequently goes through phases of mimicking pop culture figures. This creature often disdains gender in its creations, but is generally considered to be “male.”


*This ancient Cainite is alien and bizarre. Twisted and evil by nearly a millenia of existence. William has been the Locar’s ghoul for nearly 800 years.

*Locar has claimed all of Star Island as his personal territory. Trespassing is commonly thought to be suicidal. Cainites who visit without invitation are often not heard from again. The island is riddled with Hounds.

*Locar has an extreme hatred of the Tremere and actively hunts them through his associates, Ponnar and Samantha. He has a collection of questionably conscious heads of slain Tremere in a recessed display.

*Artwork: There are half a dozen fleshcrafted “statues” in his parlor in various poses. Best guess is that the poor saps are humans surrounded by a chitinous resin/bone covering their skin.

*There is a large, elaborate rosebush on the outside of the Locar’s haven, which extends to the roof.

*There is an elaborate crow roost on roof of his haven. The birds are extremely astute and not very birdlike. There are herds of mealworms/maggots devouring all the proteinaceous debris underneath the birds.

The Locarish

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