Hot Childe in the City

Playing with Tourists

Game Date: April 28th, Sunday

The Dark Angels started this game in Orlando, chasing down their prey after a victorious and glorious battle against the Tremere. All was going well until one them (Michea) suddenly got very sentimental about his pet (and very replaceable) rat. Luckily both retrieving the rat and taking care of other left behind details (the smoothed over face of a ghoul) wasn’t that large of an issue. The group safely retreated for the evening as chaos was left in the wake of their actions.

The next few evenings were spent plotting and executing further devious little scare tactics against the Ventru target. The group was also approached by Nosferatu Jericho (James? Jacob? Jeff? Who?) and managed to finally strike a deal with him for additional assistance. (The Dark Angels now owe him two minor boons. Jericho has a lot of interest in building contacts with the Miami Sabbat as recent turn coat to the Cam.) The Nosferatu in exchange revealed the location of the target.

Lana’s mischievous brain came up with the delightful concept of calling in a bomb threat to delay the Ventru’s planned escape route by train. Mikala made excellent use of her dogs again, to harass and scare the target while he was in hiding. The group then decided it was time to celebrate and relax as they killed off a few nights to wait for the final cherry on top of their beautifully baked cake.

Aslyn called up Jerico and took a night on the town, and ended up playing her first game of Football. She isn’t very good at sports. (And is buying new dice before the next game.) Then the entire family went to Disney World upon which many photos were taken, Mickey ears were worn, and mortals played with not unlike that of cat and mouse. The young Dark Angels grew closer, with emerging leadership and direction coming from Seth.

Over the intermission other strange talents or abilities within the group began to become more acutely known. Aslyn struggled with constant disturbing moans that only she could seemingly hear coming from the decapitated head of the Tremer victim. Mikala also displayed a talent in communicating with at least one spirit.

Eventually the final night in Orlando was spent watching the poor Ventru try to escape, only to have to sit, sweat, and stew in a literal pile of crap. The group was joined again by Jerico, who hooted with glee at his own hand in the ordeal. Then it was fond farewells (or as fond as they get with the undead) and back to Miami.

Upon their return, the fledglings received their tattoo mark of the group. A pair of dark wings and a small halo. They were welcomed back victorious.

Presenting the head to the Grand Locar was also a success, as the group attended a Sabbat elysium on the winter solstice. They participated in a blood feast and ritual fire jumping. (With much success!) Then decided it would be wiser to simply observe the walking on fire that followed. The evening passed along with an abundance of socialization. The group as a whole were accepted into the Sabbat as full members. (There was much rejoicing.)

Mikala once again was approached and mistaken for Miranda by vampires other than her sire Aaron. Apparently she is the mirror image of whoever Miranda is. Lana was also approached with an inquiry to the location of her sire Lucas, who is apparently MIA. (maybe? mm?)

The Grand Locar over the course of the evening also demonstrated his power isn’t to be disrespected, and smoothed over the face of one very stupid vampire with a solid sheet of bone.

The group dispersed after that evening and spent some downtime. (Approximately two weeks.)

Then they attended a Metamorphisis celebration, hosted by the Grand Locar. The theme was aquatics, and much showing off of the discipline of Vesitude was appreciated and enjoyed. The octopus Grigori made an appearance and was appropriately scary.

Orlando Challenge

Our evening started out with everyone going over special powers and abilities. Aslyn has the ability to move unseen,and can do a pretty neat trick of moving objects from a distance via dolls. Seth is able to hide easily, command others, make others more amenable toward him and hypnotize with his eyes. Mikala can talk to animals, has super helpful claws and is generally pretty tough. Lana can enhance her senses, move unseen, manipulate emotions, and get a sense of others feelings. Micha has some enhanced senses and can talk to animals as well as manipulate flesh. Cecilia can manipulate others to an impressive degree and might be a little extra tough, this is still untested.

After this review we spent a few nights preparing for our trip. Lana and Mikala tested the spy cameras getting body bags while Aslyn and Seth tested the doll trick over a distance. This ended with a blood bath for Aslyn when she attracted some unwanted attention in the park. Mikala spent some time training up her dogs and Lana did a little research. Aslyn took Lana to visit the Locar to ask a few more questions about the mission. He was very helpful, giving us a contact in Orlando(Jerico, the Nosforatu). He is a former Camarilla cainite who turned sides and was arranging the target’s exit. The Locar also gave a history lecture, fed us both his blood and turned into stained glass, just a typical night.

We made it to Orlando, checked into our hotel and went about securing it by getting the night and then the day manager under our control. We found some rooms that could have belonged to the targets and set up cameras, finding out that some of them had people exiting and entering during the day. After a few days of trying to locate our target using RatCam, Mikala pointed out that her dogs could do it in 5 minutes. 5 minutes later we had two rooms with supernatural creatures in them. We got cameras in these rooms as well and then Alsyn made a doll of the curtains in the Tremere’s room. She was very surprised to find them open the next evening. Unfortunately for her, she was not surprised enough to take any extra precautions and went to sleep in bed. When her freshly washed windows opened the next day she got quite the sunburn. There was screaming, running, eating of mortals, etc, and the next night she moved to the basement. We decided if we were going to move, we should do it before she had the chance to recover. After taking out one lingering ghoul in the lobby we made our move. The dogs went in first as a distraction. Seth, Micha, Mikala and Cecilla went in with guns to take out the ghouls and go after the Tremere. Aslyn and Lana went in obfuscated to move behind the Tremere and get in some head shots to weaken her while Mikala took off her head. Everything went better than we hoped and we made it out with no major damage and one vampire head. “Dark Angles, you just took the head off a Tremere, what are you going to do now? We’re going to Disney World!”

All Hallows Eve

Miami was upbeat and hopping with activity as she is every night, however on this particular evening there were more than just trick or treaters to beware. The Dark Angels were born, most of them having to learn quickly that things do go bump in the night, and now that included them as well.

We learn of our new pack slowly. First we heard the tale of Mikala, who was visited unexpectedly by her future sire Aaron in her camping trailer abode. She didn’t stand about for long and made to defend herself. Aaron was shot by his beloved “Manda” but bullets are not enough to stop the undead. She was whisked away to her dirt nap.

Also across the city, we learn of Lana and her coffee date with Lucas. It ended well, for Lucas. Worms for Lana. She doesn’t mind worms does she? Hmm.

And enjoying the heat of the Miami All Hallows Eve crowd, Seth and Aslyn finally emerged from their home to have a final night of free of their dark stars, before Alestair caught up with them to inform them of the end of the fairy tale and the beginning of reality. The pair of them were escorted to the temporary haven that all the Dark Angels neonates would share over the next month.

And then they were buried with the rest.

Seven graves were filled that evening, only six of them upturned. We learn of the new pack fledglings, Mikala, Lana, Seth, Aslyn, Cecilia, and Michea. Everyone enjoys a first meal. Aslyn discovers that she doesn’t receive nourishment from human blood as her fellow newly minted undead friends. Much time is spent bonding and learning of the vampire world. Each neonate learns of their own blood.

Their sires return to the broodling home from time to time, and likewise we learn more of them as well. Guillermo, the pack ductus, appears to be in a romantic relation with his childe Cecilia. Ravena attempted to sire two childe on the same evening, but Michea was the only one who was strong enough. And in addition to Michea, she owns a really intelligent and creepy Rottweiler named Mister. Aslyn, though sired by Alestair, doesn’t join him and Seth for routine lessons. Instead she departs from the haven to meet up with another vampire named Gyrich.

When enough time passed to leave the younglings enough time to get curious, Aslyn decided to dig up the last remaining body to see what happens to one who isn’t strong enough to dig themselves out of their grave. The weak vampire, once uncovered, immediately sprang into a frenzy, and the young pack had their first battle. Luckily Mikala was strong and built with certain dark gifts that saved them from certain folly she mostly bested the monster. Seth, the ever opportunist, learned of the sweet temptation of diablerie.

It was decided it was time for the new pack to share of Vaulderie and be bonded together more tightly. Shortly after that ritual, they were also summoned to meet the Grand Locar. Having traveled to his private island estate, the group meets his “stepson” Panaur and childe Samantha. Then they are tasked with their proving test to the Sabbat. The group is to travel to Orlando to target two Camarilla vampires who are attempting to flee the recently fallen territory. They also receive a “one vial of weird salve” just in case they manage to behead the Tremere woman and return the trophy, as a bonus, to the Grand Locar.

Aslyn requested a tour of the estate, and the Grand Locar was more than happy to bore many of the pack members with a lengthy tour. However, boredom was abated when they all made acquaintance with a particularly deadly underwater octopus pet Grigori.

After the visit to the Grand Locar, the group now sits and plans their next steps on how to complete their task, learning more of each others unique talents. They make plans to go to Disneyland.


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