Hot Childe in the City


Our story picks up on our second night in Tampa. While Indigo and Ravenna are out getting a bite to eat, Yash notices a visitor on the live feed of the warehouse. Yashida, Mikala, Lana, and Al all go to investigate with Lana and Al remaining obfuscated. There we find Saxon, the malkavian priest of the Autumn Soldiers, who are apparently the last remaining pack in the city (see email for full story). He takes us back to his haven where we meet the rest of the pack. Randal is the ductus, he has a childe named Jaye. There is Saxon’s childe Beatrice, Cecile and her childe Felix, Dominic and his childe Parker. We hang out there for a bit, getting to know them. Felix is super impressed with Mikala’s eyes and Randal tries to get Lana to go out around town with him. After Indigo gets a rather random piggyback ride everyone decides to go out. We think the best thing would be to start checking out some of the abandoned havens and start with Arc, the former Archbishop. We find a hallway full of booby traps and get through it mostly intact. Unfortunately, the ghouled alligators were not super impressed with Indigo’s Doc Oc impression. There is lots of splashing and blood and ripping apart of reptile heads but everyone makes it out alright. Eventually we get to the room with the mainframe. Lana gets some books, Yash gets some computer stuff, Mikala frenzies, Indigo gets bored. The next night Indigo wants to check out the Lasombra clan’s haven. After a viniculum between the packs (which Lana has a bad feeling about and tries to get out of) we head out. There isn’t a lot there besides dead ghouls. Indigo gets bored again so we decide go to home to Miami.

Once home, Jesus shows up long enough to pick up some cash we owe him for not causing trouble while we are gone. He informs us that it was Arturo who hired him so Indigo goes about setting up a meeting to try and get a viniculum between our two packs. Arturo meets with Lana and starts talking about a new order or some other such nonsense. He says he sees what the Dark Angels are doing and Lana plays dumb (or was actually clueless, whatever).

Most of the pack goes to deliver our report to Fabrizia and she seems to accept what we’ve said. It looks like we won’t be getting sent back to Tampa anytime soon. Mikala is now free to begin planning her gallery show and hands out invitations to the various packs. There are mixed reactions but it appears everyone will be coming. Now to work on providing refreshments.

Surveillance Report: Late October, 2001
Game Summary for 05/31/2014 (Written by Adam)

Surveillance Report:

Late October, 2001

EYES ONLY: Mr. Takahashi

Event #1.

Event Location: Public Cemetery

Participants On Scene: Mr. Takahashi, Alistair, Llana, Peter, Sam, and Olivia

All participants gathered on scene from multiple vehicles to a per-prepared unused grave site. Introductions were made and Olivia (still breathing) was introduced to the group.

Llana, the acting priest of the group, said a few words [Audio transcript available upon request].

Mr. Takahashi then fed from Ms. Olivia until life signs ceased. He then bit his wrist and placed it upon the lips of Ms. Olivia. Signs of life were quickly seen. Once she was standing again she was quickly bludgeoned upon the head by Peter. She was then placed in the grave and buried in loose soil by Mr. Takahashi and, eventually, Sam & Peter.

The group proceeded to wait for approximately 3.5 hrs for Ms. Olivia (no longer breathing regularly) to rise. She was introduced to the group again before the group dispersed.

Event ended. Surveillance terminated.

Event #2:

Location: Rural Wooded Area designated 5.91.817b

Participants on Scene: Mikala, Enoch, and 2 others (Identity unknown)

Due to non-nondescript location surveillance points were limited.

The event seems to be a hunt. The two unknowns were released on location and then proceeded to be hunted by Ms. Mikala and Enoch. The first, and eventually second, trophy went to Ms. Mikala- although the second required much more effort to capture. Some data loss was observed from non-overlap of vantage points.

Ms. Mikala was able to keep pace with victim #2 much more easily than Enoch who was either not capable of enhanced speed or did not employ it.

Ms. Mikala did attempt to converse with victim #2 but such attempts were rebuked in favor of running for her life.

Eventually both Enoch and Ms. Mikala fell upon victim #2 and were viewed to attempt to feed for an extended period of time.

Enoch was seen releasing the body and subsequently encouraging Ms. Mikala do to the same before the body began to quickly decompose.

Enoch was then seen giving Ms. Mikala a hug and being rather excited at the offer not being rebuked as has been their history.

Event Ended. Surveillance Terminated.

Event #3.

Location: Public fund raiser for the Barst-Vemny charity foundation.

Participants on Scene: Mr. Takahashi, Cecelia (previous associate)

Participants arrived on scene together but did not spend much time in immediate proximity. Mr. Takahashi was seen wandering the group but not being overly social, as is common. Ms. Cecellia eventually approached Mr. Takahashi and questioned him as to his motive and offered to introduce him around [Audio transcript available]. The offer was denied.

Specific conversations with Ms. Illyana (Head of Barst-Vemny Foundation) were also observed. General attitude was politely confrontational between the two with Ms. Illyana making comments as to Mr. Takahashi’s unwillingness or inability to make subsequent contributions.

[Recorded Audio from multiple capture points available upon request.]

Event ended. Surveillance terminated.

Event #4.

Location: Palla Grande

Participants on Scene: Entire Pack (Minus Aaron)

Audio capture rare. Environmental disturbance (loud music) prevented adequate function.

Dark Angels entered site in customary fashion- causing quite a stir in their chosen outfits. Multiple packs initiated conversation soon after.

There-after enter the known Fiends of the city, Nickolai & the Locar severely flesh-crafted to inhuman caricatures of mythic creatures (Akidna, and Medusa respectively). Remainder of fiends, including pack member Revana, enter as well.

A show was put forth, led by Fishbone and including Llana (as what is introduced as Lilith). The show focused on what is the presumed History of the group including their need to keep the “Sword of Caine” strong.

At this point Mr. Takahashi and his Childe Olivia are seen having mental strain and the pack gathers in the center of the room.

Lights go out as the “test” is raised and released on the stage. Test includes three monstrosities that seem to be a composite of …

[Some data loss due to initial observers having mental breakdown. Observers restrained for mental scrubbing. Replacement observers recover feeds. Total loss does not exceed 5m37s.]

Upon re-acquisition of feed, the beasts have been put down and a political struggle has ensued. [Audio available- background disturbance had ceased]. A new player has arrived in town- with three pack mates with her. She is introduced as “Fabrizia”- who immediately claims she is the “Arch Bishop” of Miami and dares anyone to challenge her.

Her edicts: All vampires who cannot provide evidence of their effort to “Undermine the Camarilla” are to leave her city within 30 days or their “blood is forfeit”. Four packs are specifically named as having permission to stay (with the above requirement): The Dark Angels, the Latin Kings (Queens), Soiree, and the Sewer Rats.

Alistair and Enoch both have moments where they seem prepared to challenge Fabrizia, but do not act upon it.

Participants leave.

Event ended. Surveillance terminated.

Event #5.

Location: Communal Haven.

Participants: Entire Pack- minus Aaron.

Discussion of possible directions of action. Indigo is grilled as to what she knows of Cassandra- previous Arch Bishop of the city. She is forthcoming with information but does not believe that Cassandra is interested in any play against Fabrizia. Alistair agrees that she would not be convinced to “re-enter the game” out of concern for Miami.

General terms of “what must be done to appease” Fabrizia is discussed.

[Full audio available + abridged version created to remove long empty pauses with no one speaking.]

Participants retire for the day.

Event ended. Surveillance terminated.


Games and Gals
Game Summary For April 2014 (Written by Elaine)

The Dark Angels meet up with their Ductus and are given some standing orders to achieve certain goals. One of those goals happen to be to share vinculum with the Ministry. Sooner after this is accomplished, with group bounding and a fire dance. Aaron proves to be a popular entry with the Ministry after vinculum. Red’s childe, Colleen, was really into Lana. Everyone was generally social, except for Mikala, but that’s normal.

After a little bit of down time, the troupe plans their costumes for the Palla Grande, going along a celestial / angelic theme.

Apparently Indigo was stabbed during one of the shows by a crazy religious zealot. “It hurt very bad.” Blood was everywhere. It caused a small riot at Carnival’s club. Indigo appears to mostly be amused by it. She does proceed to lay low (to the mortal public) afterwards.

Indigo brings home a childe, named Peter. He knows latin. Apparently she went up north to Orlando to head hunt him out of an underground boxing circuit. While she was there she also heard that Carnival had been to visit the vampires there to tell them all “How proud she was of Alastair’s werewolf hunting.” (Indicating that Carnival threw Alastair under the bus, and thus is ultimately responsible for the Gater-necks coming south to head hunt the Dark Angels.)

A little while later, the pack (indeed the whole city) is called to meet at the Orange Bowl on short notice. As everyone gathers, it is apparent that the trio of bishops are currently feuding over a series of fires. Carnival’s club was burned, as well as some of Fishbone’s establishments. They were each in the middle of a fuss when they were interrupted by the Locar, who had absolutely no agenda in discussing a “who burned my joint” quibble between them. Instead the Locar flips the whole event on it’s head by declaring a Wild Hunt on Gyrich.

With the hunt immediately on, it’s quickly determined that Gyrich is no longer in town. He left some books behind. Some people went on the hunt, some didn’t. (Jesus, T.T., Indigo, Peter, and Yash- as well as several Homesteaders, and frankly some others. Everyone wanted a piece.) It finishes with the lower floors of Gyrich’s building catching aflame.

After a little bit more time passes, the pack continues to work on setting up the new club digs that Alastair has requested.

Indigo, being sociable, is visited by some of the young homesteaders, and receives a tip off that they are apparently up to some questionable hunting activities. Later she confirms that indeed that, according to Jeb, the Homesteaders and the Panthers have been eating the thin blooded of the city. (Inviting them out for games into the swamp, and then the young vampires don’t return.)

Macha drops by to find Indigo. She ends up contacting both Lana and Yash with networking requests. (She wants to put together a Rave.) Indigo eventually gets the message. (And arranges a meeting for later.)

The pack meet up with another newer pack in town, The Bone Knights, and enjoy Lana’s first run of her first game, which is sort of like bumpercars. The Dark Angels make a good showing, and are challenged by a second game the next night. After the game Indigo informs her pack about the questionable antics of the Homesteaders. It is generally agreed that they should be curbed from this behavior (in light of the Dark Angels wanting to align with them).

Mikala volunteers to catch up with the Homesteaders to see if some of her old influence can help persuade them out of their new “thin blood” hunting ways. She explains to Enoch that she has heard rumors that Severin is responsible for this. Enoch seems less than concerned about their “games of instinct” sighting that they are merely trying to help with holding off Gehenna. (He didn’t really come across as being sincere about his line.) He also let’s on that really it’s a ploy to get in with powerful friends. Mikala denies that the Dark Angels are not behind the fires at Carnival’s or Fishbone’s establishment. (She failed her social on this, and Enoch excused himself, offput.) Enoch was also curious about how Mikala felt another person named Jared. It would seem that Enoch would like to have some dirt. Their meeting comes off somewhat lukewarm.

The next night, the pack meets up with the Bone Knights again, to play a game of their choosing. They choose a game of Tag, the catch being it’s about ten stories up in the air. They do ok. Indigo gets vomited on. It was gross. They learn after some social time that Christian (their ductus) actually used to be a knight. Luca enjoys using doppelganger effects. Barns enjoys projectile vomiting.

Later Indigo catches up with Macha for the requested meeting, and comes to a business agreement to perform at the Rave- which is also a simultaneous memorial for Albert. Indigo indicates that in return for the good favor, she would like to see her mortal rival Johny Black first ruined and then perhaps have a drug overdose. Macha finds this agreeable. They also agree to meet to discuss more about Albert. Yashida donates a very sizable amount of money to the cause.

The Homesteaders are not so keen on Lana and Mikala any more, and are being sweet talked a few members of the pack Soiree, Silvia and Soiree (the vampire) have clearly provided to the lonely hearted men in the absence of their old flames.

The pack is visited at their haven by The Dollz. They merely wanted to “get to know us better.” After some socialization, it becomes pretty clear that they would like very much to impress the Locar. (Alastair does show up a little after they do, very well timed of him.) A lonely nosferatu, Medusa, is caught spying (hopefully) on the Dollz. (Yash spotted her.) She was excused and ridiculed for her ugliness.

Puppies and Planning
Game 03/22/2014 (Written by Elaine)

Upon their return to Miami from the northern reaches of Florida (Niceville), our group comes home to the Hurricanes (Jake &Anaya) in a most desperate and disheveled state. Their pack has been attacked in a near total extermination, their safe house having been burned to the ground. Jake and Anaya are awake, but the other three survivors are in torpor due to excessive burn damage.

The Dark Angels shelter the remaining Hurricanes for that day cycle and then Alistair used personal resources to move them all to a new location while the pack discussed what to do with them. It was generally agreed that Anaya, as a Fury, would be an excellent resource to have in the pack, but that Jake and his thin bloods would be a liability that the Dark Angels do not wish to mix with. Indigo put forth the idea of playing it straight with Jake at first, to see if he could be convinced to let go of his wards.

Mikala received an invitation to go and pick up her reward for a job well done. Several pack members proceeded with her to tour the farm and training facilities of Nikolai, Master of the Hounds. Nikolai turns out to be all his reputation demands and more by generally being a disturbing chap. He/She/It is very proud of the estate and gave the group a tour that included Mikala picking out her newest family member. Miss joined the Dark Angel family most readily.

The dog training estate had several disturbing details. The dogs are extremely smart, and are trained in unusual ways to typical dog training. They are taught language and arithmetic in a similar setting to school. There was also a pit filled with worms. The ground/dirt was also fed with tubes containing what would be appear to be still “living” entities. (Whatever they were, they still had auras.) Finally, there was also the sound resembling that of a crying baby in the distance. All was apart of the ambiance of Nikolai’s estate.

After picking up the new puppy, the Dark Angels returned home, only to discover that their haven had been breached again. Intruders made themselves known by holding Sam (link unavailable) hostage. A fight broke out and was quickly resolved with two of the invaders fleeing. Two of them were detained, and one questioned.

The invaders turned out to be a pack known as the Gator Necks. Hailing from Orlando, their target was Alistair. Lana made a phone call to Jacob (no character link available), the Orlando Nosferatu contact that the pack befriended during their Sabbat testing. Jacob revealed that Alistair has been pinned with fighting werewolves in Orlando, and stirring up a whole heaping pile of shit onto the city. The vampires not being exactly thrilled having to deal with leftover shenanigans, Alistair (And the Dark Angels) are on the shitlist for Orlando. At least for the time being.

Sam being thin blooded himself, was instructed to eat and diabolorize both remaining invaders. He did so and enjoyed the experience. He is now cold to the touch and would appear to have boosted his blood potency, as was hoped. The pack theorizes that his blood is thick enough now to not be considered a liability.

The mentioning of “drilling noises” came back up with the group. It is a concern of the pack that they don’t know what the noise was nor how to find any evidence of drilling. Indigo invited Lana,Yashida, Ravenna over to her apartment to look for continued evidence. Mikala and Aaron set out on a trip to track down the two escaped Gator Necks.

Investigation of Indigo’s apartment only turned up one disturbed ghoul, Lawrence (link unavailable), who proved to have a propensity to make tea.

Mikala and Aaron located the hide out that the Gator Necks pack used. They told their pack which then resulted a rather meaningless cleaning out of the apartment the Gator Necks used. The two remaining interlopers were not present. A journal was discovered under a mattress, written by a malkavian who “wasn’t supposed to write journals.” It was given to Lana. It would appear that the two escapees will live to tell the tale.

The next evening Indigo and Yashida went to visit the harbored Hurricanes to both see how they were coping with their losses, but also to deliver the not so great news of not wanting to join the Dark Angles with a cause to protect all thin bloods. Anaya appeared to be loyal to Jake, not willing to leave his side. Jake was unwilling to abandon his wards or the concept that thin bloods need to be championed. Indigo and Yashida left that meeting in agreement the if Anaya was to be harvested, it was going to have to happen because she was tragically isolated. Jake and the thin bloods would need to be culled. Alistair’s suggestion of having an accident would appear to be the only reasonable method. Indigo and Yashida failed to continue to negotiate on the best course of action from there, both of them lost in thought on how to best go about the task without implicating their own pack.

Several of the pack members also made a trip to Carnivale’s club. Lana enjoyed being apart of the flash mob effect that Carnivale is so fond of triggering. Indigo appeared to be vexed by the arrival of a competitor entertainer by the name of Johnny Dark (link unavailable). She took the time to upstage him that same evening with an impromptu performance. Indigo was probably the only one who cared. ;)

Lana continued her scholarly efforts by fetching a blood bonded human stranger to read a very special book that she obtained from Niceville. The human was chained to the floor in the haven, effectively kidnapped. The human was then instructed to read the yellow book. The human grew very attached to reading the book, and when he was instructed to read the book out loud, would refer to the stories in a first person expression. (“I did this. I saw that.” ) Lana continues to experiment with her subject. There was a snafu in the captivity when she discovered that he still had a cellphone on his personage, that he had used to talk to some of his friends and family while bored. She did eventually find this out and confiscate the cell phone.

Lana also received a grumpy visit from Cecilia, who demanded an apology from Lana for treating her “like a child” by choosing to lie about the fate of her sire and love, Guillermo, the former pack ductus. Cecilia berated Lana for her weakness. Likewise she urged Lana to find her strength and maturity by continuing to attend “church” (Path of Cain) with Fishbone. Cecilia did inquire to Mikala about the state of her glowing eyes. (“What happened to your face?”) Mikala rebuffed the inquiry, telling Cecilia that Mikala’s condition was no longer a concern for Cecilia because Cecilia was no longer a Dark Angel.

Indigo went to the Orange Bowl to socialize and see what was kickin’ with the vampire “heartbeat”. She discovered the arrival of two new packs into town. There was a new nosferatu pack called the Bone Knights, who appeared to be very jovial and willing to socialize. She got their contact information and gave it to Lana, the pack priest, so that they could be invited to Lana’s new game. There was also a pack of vampires called “The Dollz”, who were very much resembling their name. They were beautiful, but creepy. The Dollz are in town, apparently, to study “the art of flesh crafting” from the renowned Nikolas and Locarish. Carnivale was socializing with them heavily.

Indigo, on a spur, decided to approach Jesus of the Ministry pack. Remembering his thirst for vampire blood, she bargaining for a favorable exchange. If Jesus was willing to clear out the thin bloods and Jake, then she would reveal their location for his easy picking. This news was received amicably. They did a Lasombra fistbump.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) both Lana and Yashida independently had similar ideas. Yashida went to speak to Fishbone with a very similar deal. Fishbone received this news happily, with a little side stepping from Yashida about “why Alistair would be harboring thin bloods.” Yashida and Fishbone had a little “fistbump” agreement of their own.

Then Lana independently of Yashida also went to talk to Fishbone. Fishbone again received the news most happily. More fistbumping. But unlike Indigo with Jesus, or Yashida with Fishbone, she decided to go ahead and tell Fishbone the address of the Hurricanes- thus setting her plans into motion.

Then hilarity.

Indigo called Yashida, who then revealed that he had done the same thing. Then when they tried to get on the same page, Lana chimes in with “Hey guys! I talked to Fishbone.” It was agreed they should all go for a walk on the beach.

With much sighing and grins, the three discovered that they were not as clever as they had hoped to be, as the plan was a good one, until it was executed three times over. They did some quick mop up and Indigo amused herself by tossing Lana under the romance buss with Jesus. (“Hey Lana, I get you not wanting to do it n’ all,Red is kinda scary and I wouldn’t want to fuck with her either.”) After baiting Lana to clean up the miscommunication mess that Indigo helped to make, Lana called Jesus for a meeting. Somewhere back at the haven, Mikala’s spidey senses tingled.

Lana in effort to not get too deep into trouble with Mikala arranged a drive out to another beach with her in hand as she met with Jesus. (Yashida had the foresight slip a spy bug in Lana’s pocket.) Jesus was ever so pleased to have his time with Lana. He also dominated her to forget that Lana had given up the location to the Hurricane safe house.

Early in the morning, around 6 am, Anaya showed up at the Dark Angle haven all alone and in bloody tears. She was the sole survivor of an additional attack and was convinced, from the “silence and darkness” of the attack that it had to be Sebila, Assassin of the Latin Queens.

Later after all is calmed down, Jesus gave Indigo a call, thanking her for the drink.

Anaya joins the Dark Angels happily, having no one else to turn to, her Fury focused squarely on Sebila and the Latin Queens.

The wrapped up with Yashida learning that apparently Indigo enjoys going to casinos to gamble. Yashida was slightly appalled by what Indigo “considers to be gambling”. They went out on a high roller boat ride.

Likewise, if I have missed a detail your character may have covered in this game, feel free to edit it in.

Blood Bath

We started off with a rather long discussion over Lana’s visions regarding Guillermo and what/when to tell Cecillia about them. Then, suddenly, Cecillia shows up and announces that she will be joining the Sewer Rats. I think most of us are a bit surprised but, eh, no one really cares that much. The big event of this session is the Blood Bath. We hang out for a bit and discover some new and interesting things. 1. The Homesteaders now have 3 of the Locar’s hounds. This is kind of a big deal, we’re not sure what they had to do to get them yet. 2. Most of the other packs have embraced lots of new childer. Notably, the Sewer Rats have not. The ceremony itself goes without a hitch. Afterward, we learn that despite the Sabbatt’s push north, New York has finally fallen to the Camarilla. This initiates some squabbling between Jesus and Salvador which turns into a duel and the two proceed to determine who has the bigger…shadow tentacles. Jesus wins but during the duel we meet some new players. A new pack called the Phantoms with some interesting new powers. Any by interesting I mean lava is now coming out of the floor. The after party was a great success thanks to the talented Indigo. Lana and Mikala made a little field trip out to Cottondale, took some pictures, found a few interesting things and got the hell out of dodge before drawing any attention. Indigo and Yash had an awesome time with some flaming derby. Next up, what the hell is going on in Cottondale?

Ghoul Bowl and New Friends

Well, we had a couple of busy nights and met a few new friends. After taking care of wrapping up downtime business, everyone got ready for the big night at the Ghoul Bowl. The Dark Angles went together and Mikala went with Enoch leaving Aaron a little grumpy. We made our way to one side of the stadium around a stage in the middle of a lake. Some bets were made, lots of ghouls were killed, and fun was had for all (well, except maybe the ghouls). After some Cainite vs. Ghoul fighting (which T.T. seemed to win), it was time for the finale…lots of Cainites against the Locar’s sea monster. Several of our acquaintances got in on the action including Enoch and Aaron. However, before long, we heard a scream from the Archbishop’s box and the Ravnos in the stadium started to lose their shit. This began a chain reaction of frenzy and some of us got in on the action while others….did not. Mikala bravely defended herself and her packmates while Yashida also immobilized some of the near by threats. Indigo found us a way out and the fighting continued all the way out. We made it back to the haven with Guillermo (in torpor), Cecilla, Alastair, Lana, Mikala, Aaron, Indigo and Yashida.
The next night we all went to meet up again at the Orange Bowl and found Carnival vying for the position of Archbishop now that Cassandra was…not herself. The discussion ended with a temporary rule by a conclave of Bishops which now included Alastair. We found Ravana and took her home but no Michea. Once we got home and Guillermo woke back up we decided to include our new friends, Indigo and Yashida, into our pack and sealed the deal with a vaulderie. Then, Indigo put on a “vampire only” show which was a great way for everyone to relax after a rough night of heavy losses. Unfortunately, that evening, our ductus seemed to go missing….
Other random things of interest: The old police chief is out due to violence in the Hispanic district and there is a new drug task force.
Carnival is now making Alastair give her a cut of the profits if he wants to sell drugs in her clubs which was not the deal they had before.

An accounting of the lost Cainites from the Ghoul Bowl: Albert (Cassandra’s childe), Fiesta, Alex (Fiesta’s childe), Marie, (Soiree’s childe), Chris, (Sebilla’s childe), Julie (Jacqueline’s childe), Gus, Kevin (Gus’s childe), Chris (Thea’s childe), Kildeen of the Panthers (a nomadic pack in for the game and lover of Watts, also in the Panthers), Hammersmith (of the Ministry pack), Regina of the Hurricanes (lover of Eddie, also in the Canes), Jessie of the Hurricanes, Becca (Jeff’s childe of the bone face fame), Eric (Sam’s childe), and Tom (Enoch’s childe). Also, there was a Grimaldi who was lost, named Zack.

Bill's Story

To give you some perspective on the effect you have on the world around you, I came up with this little side story for Mikala (Tiffani):

Sam was arranging some of the more recent additions to the art studio as he mused to himself, "Some chick had brought in this new work and Bill was so enamored with her that he was making her a partner? What the fuck? I have been working with Bill for years. He never offered to make ME partner. All of a sudden, this new chick shows up and she is the new hotness? I mean, her work was different. I have never seen anyone able to be so precise and careful. All great and good, but being a nice artist is not enough. I have seen plenty of “good” artists come and go. In this industry, talent is only PART of the story. Has she been here for the last few years? Has she helped deal with all of the shit we had to go through? Did she help Bill fend off the loan sharks when they came through? Nope! But why does she get to be partner? Some sweet piece of ass come in here; shake her tits and Bill falls apart? I never would have thought him the type."

“You about done getting that stuff organized? I want this place looking great before Ms. Mikala arrives,” Bill asked from the office.

“Keep your pants on! It will be done whenever she gets here. When IS she getting here anyway?” Sam called back.

“Dude, I don’t know. She never calls, she just shows up late at night. I am supposed to wait until she arrives.”

Sam makes sucking noises, “SOOOOOO WHIPPED!”

“Shut up! You don’t even understand. I am NOT whipped!” Bill responded perhaps somewhat more indignantly than he should.

“Gonna tell your lady to get you a longer leash when I see her! And tell her to keep her damned dogs out of this place. It is an art studio, not a kennel!” Bill guffaws followed by a derisive snort.

“I DARE you to tell her that, you little shit.”

Somewhat taken aback by the mixed, emotional response from Bill, Sam wanders off, grumbling to himself. “I will tell her what the hell I wanna tell her.” Continuing to work in a steely silence, the men did their jobs. By 8 pm, Sam was pretty bored. He started to say, “Is she really coming? Or what?” and the door opens. With a snappy comment on his lips he turns to the door, but instead of Bill’s mystery woman, Rodrigo and a couple of his goons are at the door. “Fuck.”

A year ago, we were in some dire straits. We needed money. Bill took out a loan from some, shady people. Turns out the guy who had our loan sold it to this gang banger bastard, Rodrigo, a low level member of Zoe Pound. We had the money to pay it back, but Rodrigo decided that the old interest rate was too low. He tripled it! We have been trying to pay it off, but he keeps finding new fees and other incidentals to keep it over our heads. We are out of options. We can’t go to the cops, gangs have this town locked down tight. He comes by every now and then to rough us up. He wants permanent owner ship of the building. He already owns the other buildings on the block.

“This place, looks pretty schnazzy, you guys having a party?” Rodrigo said as he and his goons made their way into the room.

Bill comes out of the office holding some papers. “Oh! Uhm, Rodrigo. What are you…er?”

“What you got there, Bill? Donnez moi ca!!” Rodrigo gestures towards Bill. The goons walk over to Bill and wrestle the papers out of his hands, bringing them over to Rodrigo. “What do we have here?” as he looks over the papers. “I see you want to have a partnership! Finally, you came to your senses! I am so glad you decided to partner up with me! But, but….You made a mistake here. You didn’t put my name down as the partner. You have some puta’s name. And who the hell is the chino? Takashashi? You working for Toyota all of a sudden? Where’s MY cut, Bill?”

“Rodrigo, you don’t understand……I…..I….I have to do this. She….he….they….Man, they are some hard people…..I…”

“OH! You respect, ‘hard people’ eh?” Nodding to his goons, one of them picks up some of the artwork and throws it on the ground.

Bill gets REALLY upset about that and runs over to it, “NOOOO!! She is going to be so upset! Don’t ruin it! It is her artwork! Please!”

Sam’s eyes get huge as the scene plays out, “I thought he was whipped, but DAMN! Dude, it isn’t worth this!”

Rodrigo says, “She must have some bomb sweet ass to make you cry like a little girl. Hey, why don’t you send her MY way and I will show her how a REAL hombre treats a lady. In the meantime, we will just take these papers. She can come get them, we will think of it as our first date!” He picks up another piece of Mikala’s artwork and throws it through the glass door. “We will show ourselves out.” Whistling at his friends, Rodrigo gingerly steps over the broken glass and walks out the door.

His goons drop Bill who is mildly weeping, “Please, don’t take it. She will be angry with me, please!” Sam rushes over to help Bill up. By now, Bill is openly sobbing now.

“Dude, chill out. It is NOT that serious. Rodrigo stole the papers. Now we can involve the cops! We got this, now!” But Bill was inconsolable. Sam spent so much time trying to console Bill that he didn’t notice they weren’t alone until he saw the dogs. DAYMN! I figured they were big, but those were some mean looking Pitts. And….creepy. They didn’t sniff around aimlessly like dogs normally do. They came right in and sat down around us. Looking up at someone? She must be here, he thought! Turning quickly, “You can’t bring those mutts in-” and he stopped cold. The woman standing before him was rather pretty, prettier than anyone Sam had ever been with, and he had his fair share in art school. But he wouldn’t dream of hitting on her. There was something…something…off about her. Something feral? The way she looked at him. It wasn’t too different from the way the dogs looked at him; like he was a piece of meat. Made his balls shrivel up into his body just being around her. His smart ass retort dying on his lips as he realized that mouthing off to this woman could be the last thing he ever did. At a loss for words, Sam stuttered “er…uhm….I mean…you…uhm” For the longest time, she didn’t say anything. She just smirked at him.

“You boys need some alone time? I can come back,” she finally managed.

Sam thought to himself, “Did the dogs laugh? What the fuck? Dogs don’t laugh.” But they certainly whined at her joke. Bill was not amused. He pushed Sam off and stood up immediately. Thought better about it then kneeled. Sam couldn’t believe it. “Dude, are you fucking, kneeling?!!?”

“I am so sorry! The papers! Rodrigo took them! I tried to stop him. I couldn’t stop him! I will get them back. I promise!” Bill’s words come out in a long stream. Bill managed to get the entire story out, but it took him a while to calm down. She didn’t seem to be in any particular rush. She didn’t look scared at all. As a matter of fact, she seemed more annoyed by the interruption than anything else. “Rodrigo and his men are pretty hard. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

She guffawed. The most human thing Sam saw her do the entire time she was there. “Just tell me where to find this, ‘Rodrigo.’ I will take care of the rest,” and she smiled. Sam had seen wolves wearing similar expressions in the zoo. Bill filled her in on Rodrigo’s common stomping grounds. Without a word to the dogs, she turned to go and they obediently got up to follow her out.

“Those are the best trained dogs I have ever fucking seen,” Sam said when they were alone.

“I notice you didn’t tell her off, Sam,” Bill put in slyly.

FUCK THAT! She can take those dogs anywhere she damn well pleases. Shit, man, I thought I was going to piss myself!! I feel sorry for Rodrigo…” Bill didn’t say anything, he just shook his head in agreement. “Dude, are you fucking, THAT?!”

Bill just laughed and laughed and laughed. “What do YOU think, genius?”

Sam, “I was just….dude, I was about to be hella impressed. I never understood what ‘Out of your league’ really meant until just now.”

“Ain’t that the truth?!?!” Let’s clean this place up.

Gains and losses
August 17 Game

We got a lot done and found out a lot of fun things. No one died. The game started off with an informal pack meeting. Guillermo confirmed that Lana didn’t really do “it” and the Hurricaines offered their help in the situation. Mikala confirmed that Lana now had two spirits attached to her. Thea (Nos) came by to ask Lana’s opinion on a different matter. They had pictures of symbols related to the Latin Kings killings. These symbols were related to the Society of Leopold which was apparently active during the inquisition and killing off of lots of Cainites. We find out that Pedro and Franco are dead in addition to Alonso.
Then the 4 of us plus Micha and the Anaya go to meet Jethro. He still wants the book but doesn’t seem to concerned about getting it, which we take to be a bluff. He does seem to perk up a bit when we mention the Giovanni. He agrees to take off the spirits for the night so I can get the book and then goes home. Aslyn and Seth hop in the back of his car to follow him home and discover his child is in on the spirit thing too. They send a spirit messenger to their “boss” to remove the spirit from Lana.
The next night, Mikala meets Enoch in the cemetery (which is chuck full of spirits) and offers our help with his drug problem and informs him of the “dark stain” on his pack. Enoch says he will take care of Jethro himself and there is a passionate embrace between them. Aaron is not happy. After discussion, we decide this is probably the home of the necromancer and we should take Aslyn to check it out further. We send Guillermo to meet with Jethro with the fake book and take Alistair with us to the cemetery. Aslyn does her thing, talks to some spirits and confirms our suspicions. She then gets attacked by something pretty nasty and invisible (wraith). We call the Locar to inform the HoS that we found the necromancer, and she shows up with none other than Aslyn’s estranged “father”. He spots our hideout and after a bit of goading, a rousing battle ensues. The result is the Locar is down one grandchilde and Aslyn is down one generation.
The HoS takes care of the necromancer and we take care of the building.
The following evening begins with Lana’s “trial”. Everyone is there for the show. Since her accusers are supposedly in torpor and there is no sign of dilablarie on Lana, she is announced innocent of the crimes. She then awkwardly tries to give an account of events without bringing the HoS or Jethro into the story and is then saved by the Lady Amalthea who confirms the presence of the necromancer and my version of events.
Then things get interesting as the Locar accuses Aslyn of destroying his grandchilde. Aslyn admits to it but claims self defense and it was her right since Idris was not yet recognized. The Locar’s childe agrees with Aslyn and the Locar “releases” her from his service. Aslyn calls the Locar out on his bad behavior and got a tentacle face treatment as a result.
Oh yeah, and we got introduced to a new pack with someone else who recognized “Miranda”.
All in all, a pretty active 3 nights.

The Ides of March

The Ides of March—

There once was a group of dark angels- who had a little time on their hands. A little of this, a little of that and my oh my how time flies.

There was was a gang from nan-tucket. Who pissed of the wrong Cuban- is that how that rhyme goes? Well- it didn’t go so well for the Latin Kings either. Seth, along with the aid of Llana and Aslyn, was able to make a few friends amongst the breathing brethren of the Latino Reyes. They did not know who it was they had invited into their den of thieves. Spreading lies, mistrust, and just a dash of supernatural coercion the group was able to hipe the gang up to defcon 3 vs. the Police. The right information from a now missing mid-level drug runner and the cops were able to do most of the rest.

Once the tensions were running high a few well placed “home invasions” from the police to investigate some domestic violence- and just the right nudge from our resident puppet mistress and the war was on. Of course, finding a wrecked sergeants car- with a dead sergeant IN it, on Latin King territory didn’t help.

Gang war with the Police? Done.

Then there was the case of the missing Guard in the entryway. It would seem that Llana had some homework to do. And needed Seth and Mikala’s help to do it.

Getting into the museum wasn’t hard. Waiting for the cops to leave so they could do their thing was the boring part. Mikala did her thing and drove of the with Sergeant’s car. That didn’t end well for him once Seth dominated him to SLEEP- but we already knew that didn’t we. The guard tried his best to get the cops off our tracks, bless his piss-stained pants- but it wasn’t enough. So she didn’t get quite the free time for her studies as she wished. But she got enough to keep her busy- and we have a possible “in” the next time she has some homework.

There was the episode of “All the Senator’s Children” that had the whole crew glued to the edge of their seats. It would seem the poor middle son was driven to distraction at the lack of love from his Father. Eventually, he tried to commit suicide. Poor thing. And then, it turned out his youngest daughter, right in the thick of high school- was considering a bit of lesbian exploration as well. Good thing there was a good Samaritan who found all the “evidence” and turned it over to the Senator’s wife. It just wouldn’t do to have those video’s get out. All the good Senator’s children in homosexual relationships with latino’s? The papers would have a hey day. I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode!

Senator’s Vote disrupted? Done.

Aslyn and Aaron spent some quality time visiting those who were catching up on years of beauty sleep- just to make sure they weren’t too full up on blood. Community service, I say! Looking out for those who can’t look out for themselves.

Of course- all that blood was later used to fuel a massive ritual to keep 1000’s of Sabbat Shock troops asleep as they are shipped up the coast for WAR, mi amigos! It was a bit taxing on the pack who showed up but its all for the cause! Right? ….. right? It better be all for the cause. Mikala was particularly displeased at her rather unvoluntary contribution.

But before the march to war, Seth had a small run in with Sibilia from the Latin Kings. It would seem her priest was killed. She was convinced that the Hurricanes were the culprits, and the Dark Angel’s Ductus was the point man. To his credit, Seth never lied to her. But that’s only because she never asked the right questions. It would be terribly unfortunate if she got the wrong idea and did something…. rash. But no worries, the pack priest, and Seth’s sire, Alistair, was notified of the potential threat. I’m sure everything will be fine.

And then there was the matter of Llana’s sire and his sorta kinda diablarie. Well- he doesn’t have a body, but Llana swears up and down she didn’t eat him. Of course, with Sabbat law her innocence doesn’t really matter. Taking Llana at her word we make a hasty trip to see the Locar and an old associate of his, a Lady Amalthia- who has set them on a new task.

To prove Llana’s innocence- we must hunt down the Necromancer that somehow anchored a soul into Llana’s aura to incriminate her. We seem to have a little time- as the Lady A has taken charge of Llana’s trial.

And so we end the march to March. Double, double, toil and trouble. When the hell are the “Ides” of march anyway?

– Seth

Playing with Tourists

Game Date: April 28th, Sunday

The Dark Angels started this game in Orlando, chasing down their prey after a victorious and glorious battle against the Tremere. All was going well until one them (Michea) suddenly got very sentimental about his pet (and very replaceable) rat. Luckily both retrieving the rat and taking care of other left behind details (the smoothed over face of a ghoul) wasn’t that large of an issue. The group safely retreated for the evening as chaos was left in the wake of their actions.

The next few evenings were spent plotting and executing further devious little scare tactics against the Ventru target. The group was also approached by Nosferatu Jericho (James? Jacob? Jeff? Who?) and managed to finally strike a deal with him for additional assistance. (The Dark Angels now owe him two minor boons. Jericho has a lot of interest in building contacts with the Miami Sabbat as recent turn coat to the Cam.) The Nosferatu in exchange revealed the location of the target.

Lana’s mischievous brain came up with the delightful concept of calling in a bomb threat to delay the Ventru’s planned escape route by train. Mikala made excellent use of her dogs again, to harass and scare the target while he was in hiding. The group then decided it was time to celebrate and relax as they killed off a few nights to wait for the final cherry on top of their beautifully baked cake.

Aslyn called up Jerico and took a night on the town, and ended up playing her first game of Football. She isn’t very good at sports. (And is buying new dice before the next game.) Then the entire family went to Disney World upon which many photos were taken, Mickey ears were worn, and mortals played with not unlike that of cat and mouse. The young Dark Angels grew closer, with emerging leadership and direction coming from Seth.

Over the intermission other strange talents or abilities within the group began to become more acutely known. Aslyn struggled with constant disturbing moans that only she could seemingly hear coming from the decapitated head of the Tremer victim. Mikala also displayed a talent in communicating with at least one spirit.

Eventually the final night in Orlando was spent watching the poor Ventru try to escape, only to have to sit, sweat, and stew in a literal pile of crap. The group was joined again by Jerico, who hooted with glee at his own hand in the ordeal. Then it was fond farewells (or as fond as they get with the undead) and back to Miami.

Upon their return, the fledglings received their tattoo mark of the group. A pair of dark wings and a small halo. They were welcomed back victorious.

Presenting the head to the Grand Locar was also a success, as the group attended a Sabbat elysium on the winter solstice. They participated in a blood feast and ritual fire jumping. (With much success!) Then decided it would be wiser to simply observe the walking on fire that followed. The evening passed along with an abundance of socialization. The group as a whole were accepted into the Sabbat as full members. (There was much rejoicing.)

Mikala once again was approached and mistaken for Miranda by vampires other than her sire Aaron. Apparently she is the mirror image of whoever Miranda is. Lana was also approached with an inquiry to the location of her sire Lucas, who is apparently MIA. (maybe? mm?)

The Grand Locar over the course of the evening also demonstrated his power isn’t to be disrespected, and smoothed over the face of one very stupid vampire with a solid sheet of bone.

The group dispersed after that evening and spent some downtime. (Approximately two weeks.)

Then they attended a Metamorphisis celebration, hosted by the Grand Locar. The theme was aquatics, and much showing off of the discipline of Vesitude was appreciated and enjoyed. The octopus Grigori made an appearance and was appropriately scary.


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