Hot Childe in the City

The Ides of March

The Ides of March—

There once was a group of dark angels- who had a little time on their hands. A little of this, a little of that and my oh my how time flies.

There was was a gang from nan-tucket. Who pissed of the wrong Cuban- is that how that rhyme goes? Well- it didn’t go so well for the Latin Kings either. Seth, along with the aid of Llana and Aslyn, was able to make a few friends amongst the breathing brethren of the Latino Reyes. They did not know who it was they had invited into their den of thieves. Spreading lies, mistrust, and just a dash of supernatural coercion the group was able to hipe the gang up to defcon 3 vs. the Police. The right information from a now missing mid-level drug runner and the cops were able to do most of the rest.

Once the tensions were running high a few well placed “home invasions” from the police to investigate some domestic violence- and just the right nudge from our resident puppet mistress and the war was on. Of course, finding a wrecked sergeants car- with a dead sergeant IN it, on Latin King territory didn’t help.

Gang war with the Police? Done.

Then there was the case of the missing Guard in the entryway. It would seem that Llana had some homework to do. And needed Seth and Mikala’s help to do it.

Getting into the museum wasn’t hard. Waiting for the cops to leave so they could do their thing was the boring part. Mikala did her thing and drove of the with Sergeant’s car. That didn’t end well for him once Seth dominated him to SLEEP- but we already knew that didn’t we. The guard tried his best to get the cops off our tracks, bless his piss-stained pants- but it wasn’t enough. So she didn’t get quite the free time for her studies as she wished. But she got enough to keep her busy- and we have a possible “in” the next time she has some homework.

There was the episode of “All the Senator’s Children” that had the whole crew glued to the edge of their seats. It would seem the poor middle son was driven to distraction at the lack of love from his Father. Eventually, he tried to commit suicide. Poor thing. And then, it turned out his youngest daughter, right in the thick of high school- was considering a bit of lesbian exploration as well. Good thing there was a good Samaritan who found all the “evidence” and turned it over to the Senator’s wife. It just wouldn’t do to have those video’s get out. All the good Senator’s children in homosexual relationships with latino’s? The papers would have a hey day. I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode!

Senator’s Vote disrupted? Done.

Aslyn and Aaron spent some quality time visiting those who were catching up on years of beauty sleep- just to make sure they weren’t too full up on blood. Community service, I say! Looking out for those who can’t look out for themselves.

Of course- all that blood was later used to fuel a massive ritual to keep 1000’s of Sabbat Shock troops asleep as they are shipped up the coast for WAR, mi amigos! It was a bit taxing on the pack who showed up but its all for the cause! Right? ….. right? It better be all for the cause. Mikala was particularly displeased at her rather unvoluntary contribution.

But before the march to war, Seth had a small run in with Sibilia from the Latin Kings. It would seem her priest was killed. She was convinced that the Hurricanes were the culprits, and the Dark Angel’s Ductus was the point man. To his credit, Seth never lied to her. But that’s only because she never asked the right questions. It would be terribly unfortunate if she got the wrong idea and did something…. rash. But no worries, the pack priest, and Seth’s sire, Alistair, was notified of the potential threat. I’m sure everything will be fine.

And then there was the matter of Llana’s sire and his sorta kinda diablarie. Well- he doesn’t have a body, but Llana swears up and down she didn’t eat him. Of course, with Sabbat law her innocence doesn’t really matter. Taking Llana at her word we make a hasty trip to see the Locar and an old associate of his, a Lady Amalthia- who has set them on a new task.

To prove Llana’s innocence- we must hunt down the Necromancer that somehow anchored a soul into Llana’s aura to incriminate her. We seem to have a little time- as the Lady A has taken charge of Llana’s trial.

And so we end the march to March. Double, double, toil and trouble. When the hell are the “Ides” of march anyway?

– Seth



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