A spunky looking, mohawk wearing, walking trouble blonde with a smile.


The first feature of Indigo is almost always her Mohawk. It doesn’t matter on the night, this chick definitely has a thing for the hair style. Cropped short, spikey, or long with points- sometimes left soft and falling to one side, she changes it slightly or drastically almost every evening and it is rare that she ever leaves her hair unmodified. Color is also optional though for time saving reasons the color is often sprayed in and rarely dyed- much would depend on if she has a show that evening. She seems rather satisfied with the default blonde. What one could glean from this is that her Mohawk is nearly a silent side kick character of it’s own.

Clothing follows suit, and is a variety. Indigo obviously enjoys dawning all sorts of apparel depending on the occasion- but for most occasions it would seem that she deems the “punk” or “rocker” or “punk rocker” look to be appropriate. She’s fond of leather and tank tops. Her boots tend to be of the “fuck off” variety, with straps and buckles.

She has a quick grin and a quirky dark humor. And oh, can she sing. Predominantly known for her dark rising star, Indigo is attracted to the spotlight like a moth to the flame- and near as any creature of the night can guess, it will probably burn her one day. With her success and genuine talent comes along the socialite personality. Some love her, some hate her, but most of the time she’s either invited to the party, or is the show.



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